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Basic Information:

SIC: 37151
FSC: 2330
CAGE # 51501
Harmonized Code: 8716394
Export Activity: Active, Experienced Exporters
Areas of Export: The Americas, Asian Pacific, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe

Trade Names:

ROGERS No Foot® self-lifting gooseneck; Croucher® easy loading trailer frame; "Gentle Riser" multi-purpose carryall; "Sloper" sloping deck trailer; The Ultimate in Trailers®


Rogers Brothers Corporation manufactures superior quality lowbed heavy-hauler semi-trailers under the trade name ROGERS. Capacities range from 35- to 200-tons in front loading (detachable gooseneck), 25- to 125-tons in rear loading (fixed gooseneck) and 20- to 25-ton tag-along (drawbar) styles. Standard production model trailers are available for immediate delivery; or choose from numerous custom trailers designs, to fit a variety of different applications.


ROGERS trailers are designed to carry construction equipment, large industrial machines, power generators, transformers, military equipment and nearly any kind of high, wide or heavy loads which need to be moved on-road or off-road.


For over 110 years, ROGERS has manufactured The Ultimate in Trailers® for customers in over 65 countries around the world. Thousands of ROGERS trailers are used by, transportation, utility and mining companies; the military; and local, state and federal governments.
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