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40-ton SP40PL, Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

Production Description
This is a custom built trailer. Please contact ROGERS for availability.
Feature Photo
Feature Photo Description
The SP40PL lowbed is a 40-ton capacity platform deck with the "Croucher"® front end. It can carry a load in half the deck length.
This trailer was built with four 16" deep beams and no center boards -- for lighter overall weight.
Internal Code
Model Series
Ultima Trailers
Trailer Type
Detachable Gooseneck
Trailer Use
Front Loading: Detachable Gooseneck
40.0-ton (36.3-tonnes)
Deck Style
Deck Length
22'-0" (6.7-meter)
Deck Height LD
21" (0.5-meter)
Deck Width
8'-6" (2.6-meter)
Load Con Weight
80,000-pounds (36,287 kilograms)
Load Con Length
11'-0" (3.4-meter)
3 axles
Air Ride 25,000 lb. capacity per axle
Axle Type
25,000 lbs. capacity with oil-bathed bearings
255/70R22.5(H) low-profile tubeless radial
22.5 x 8.25 10-hole steel disc
16 1/2" x 7" shoes, 4S/2M ABS and spring parking brakes
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Metric Dimensions File
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The rear frame has a {boom-trough|"boom trough"} and a {bucket-pocket|"bucket pocket"}.

The height from the deck to the ground can be as low as 13 1/2" -- better overhead clearance when hauling excavators.
The patented "No Foot"® Direct-Push style gooseneck works with low hydraulic pressures to lift the load sitting anywhere on the deck.
The side channels have lashing D's and {side-brackets-removable-and-swinging|removable swinging side brackets}.

Also the access to the controls of the {safety-light-package|safety light package}so the operator can set all lights flashing when loading and
When the trailer is loaded and operational, the air lift is at the same level as the cross members and all tires are on the ground.

When traveling empty, the air lift raises the last axle 3 - 4" off the ground -- saving on fuel and tire wear.

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