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90-ton CN90PL-MOD, Specialized Trailer

Production Description
This is a custom built trailer. Please contact ROGERS for availability.
Feature Photo
Feature Photo Description
The ROGERS CobraNeck 90-ton modular trailer epitomizes versatility in the specialized heavy-haul trailer market. Shown as a 3 + 3 + 2 configuration with a 28'-0" long x 10'-0" wide platform deck, detachable tri-axle rear bogie, Nitro-Stinger, removable 4th & 5th axles and a 45-ton tri-axle jeep dolly. The capacity of the trailer in this configuration is 70-tons in 12'-0" of the deck in a 2-point load. Close-coupled (without the Nitro-Stinger) the trailer capacity is 90-tons in 16'-0" of the deck in a 2-point load.
Internal Code
Model Series
CobraNeck™ Series
Trailer Type
Trailer Use
Front Loading: Detachable Gooseneck
90.0-ton (81.6-tonnes)
Deck Style
Deck Length
28'-0" (8.5-meter)
Deck Height LD
26" (0.7-meter)
Deck Width
10'-0" (3.0-meter)
Load Con Weight
180,000-pounds (81,647 kilograms)
Load Con Length
16'-0" (4.9-meter)
3+2 axles
Air Ride 25,000 lb. capacity per axle
Axle Type
25,000 lbs. capacity with oil-bathed bearings
275/70R22.5(H) low-profile tubeless radial
22.5 x 8.25 10-hole hub piloted steel disc
16 1/2" x 7" shoes, 4S/2M ABS and spring parking brakes
English Dimensions File
Metric Dimensions File
Standard Feature Bullets
  • CobraNeck gooseneck
  • 2-position kingpin; 140" and 128" swing clearances
  • Dual leg hydraulic gooseneck jack with shoe
  • Hydraulic power source: Tractor PTO
  • 72" Gooseneck Extender for use with JD45 tri-axle jeep dolly
  • Four-beam cambered modular platform deck, 10'-0" wide x 28'-0" long
  • 26" loaded deck height with 6" ground clearance
  • Fixed tapered ramp with grouser bars on front of platform deck
  • Side beam flange reinforcing on 1st 6'-0" of deck
  • 2 3/4" air dried oak flooring; no center boards
  • Total (30) swinging removable side brackets
  • Total (18) bent lashing D's (9 each side of deck)
  • "Bucket Pocket" with last (3) cross members lowered between main beams at rear of deck
  • Pin-and-paddle style detachable rear frame
  • "Boom Trough" with "lowered cross members between rear frame beams
  • Trunnions between wheels with a lashing D on each end
  • Axle air lift on 3rd axle
  • Rear frame prepared for removable 4th and/or 5th axles
  • Removable 4th axle assembly
  • Removable 5th axle assembly
  • Self-equalizing Nitro-Stinger
  • 275/70R22.5 (H) Yokohama low profile radial tires on 22.5 x 8.25 hub piloted wheels (aluminum outer/steel inner)
  • Air brakes, 16 1/2" x 7" shoes/drums: Premium 4S/2M Antilock braking system (ABS)
  • Air lift axle - 3rd axle
  • Removable/flip 4th axle assembly with air lift
  • Air dump valve
  • LED lights: US DOT-approved 12-volt rubber grommet mounted with sealed wiring and 7-wire socket
  • Remote air tank drain
  • Epoxy primer; Rogers Red or Black industrial enamel finish coat
Optional Equipment Bullets
  • (10) additional bent lashing D's, (5) each side of deck
  • (4) additional bent lashing D's, (2) each side of "Bucket Pocket"
  • (1) pair flag holders, front of deck
  • Removable depressed rear center cover plate between 1st & 2nd trunnions
  • Shut off valves on individual axles
  • Axle chain lifts with shut off valves on removable 4th & 5th axles
  • Auxiliary lighting system with deep cycle battery
  • (2) LED oval amber strobe lights with toggle switch on rear channel of front bogie, removable 4th axle, and removable 5th axle
Detail Photo Detail Bullets
The CobraNeck gooseneck provides easy and efficient operation. Fifth wheel heights and/or deck heights are easily changed using the "rack and pawl" adjustment on the gooseneck.
When needed, the gooseneck can be raised in order to provide additional ground clearance.

Dual-arm hydraulic gooseneck jack with shoe provides stable support of the gooseneck to the truck or jeep dolly frame when the gooseneck is detached for loading or unloading.
The "pin and paddle" style detachable rear is extremely durable and easy to operate. This type of connection not only allows different decks to be used with the trailer (i.e. a drop side deck or an I-beam deck, but also allows deck extensions to be used for additional length.
The optional Nitro-Stinger (a type of booster axle assembly) not only satisfies the spread axle permit requirements of many states but provides constant weight distribution to the rear axles. A knuckle assembly in the booster frame assists in the trailer's maneuverability while moving forward. The knuckle can be locked in place and the rear axles raised hydraulically to assist in moving the trailer in reverse.
Cross members in the rear of the deck are lowered to form a "Bucket Pocket" while cross members in the rear frame form a "Boom Trough" to give additional overhead clearance when hauling certain types of machines, especially excavators.

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