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ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)

ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) is an electronic system which continuously monitors the trailer's braking system to prevent tire/wheel lock-up during the application of the trailer air brakes. Whenever the system senses a sudden loss of tire/wheel rotation it over-rides control of the air brake application to rapidly apply and release the brakes to maintain control and prevent tire/wheel lock-up. ABS is required on all of the trailers Rogers manufactures up to 120,000 lb. gross vehicle weight. However, ABS is standard equipment on all Rogers trailers for which it can be installed, whether or not required by law. Anti-Lock Brake Systems are available in a range of configurations based on the quantity of wheel sensors and/or modulator valve assemblies. The law requires a minimum 2S/1M system (2 sensors / 1 modulator) for trailers. A system of this configuration monitors the tire/wheel rotation of only one axle and, when necessary, controls the braking of all wheels equally. Rogers equips all of our trailers with ABS systems of 4S/2M configuration - 4 sensors / 2 modulators. Since the axle loads can differ from axle to axle, we believe that having sensors on two axles provides safer and more reliable operation of the trailer's braking system. Also, the presence of 2 modulators valve assemblies provides independent brake control from roadside to curbside of the trailer during the application of the ABS resulting in better vehicle control and safer operation. In addition to the enhanced safety of the trailer's air brake systems, ABS also greatly improves tire wear whenever the trailer is operated empty or with a lighter than capacity load.

Air & Light Extensions

Air & Light Extensions Air & Light Extensions are added to the rear of a trailer so that a removable axle can be used.

Air Dump Valve

Air Dump Valve An Air Dump Valve allows the operator to completely exhaust - "dump" - the air from the trailer's air suspension springs, often to facilitate the loading or unloading of the trailer. Proper use of the Air Dump Valve can provide more stable loading/unloading conditions as well as extend the life of the trailer suspension air springs.

Air Lift Axle

Air Lift Axle The Air Lift Axle is an assembly that uses an air spring (or springs) to lift an axle off the ground. This feature is generally used when the lowbed trailer is empty. Proper use of an air lift axle can reduce tire wear and provide better trailer maneuverability due to a shorter turning radius.

Air Ride Suspension

Air Ride Suspension The Air Ride Suspension has a flexible air cushion pressurized by the tractor's air system and regulated by a leveling valve. The Air Ride Suspension is a popular choice for multi-axle gooseneck trailers. Air Ride Suspension provides a smoother ride and can be positioned for different axle spacing (i.e. 50", 54", 60"). When combined with a mechanical height control, the rear frame can be raised/lowered 3 inches (+ or -). Available in 25,000 lb. and 30,000 lb. capacities.

Autolock Pins

Autolock Pins Autolock Pins are a safety device that is an important part of all ROGERS Ultima series goosenecks. The purpose of the Autolock Pins is to prevent the mating hooks on the gooseneck and the deck (beam hooks) from becoming disconnected when the trailer is in operation. The movement of the Autolock Pin in and out of position is done with a linkage connected to the gooseneck trapdoors. When properly positioned, the Autolock Pins rest in a notch in the interior surface of the gooseneck hooks. If the Autolock Pins do not properly position themselves in the notch it means the linkage has probably been bent and should be repaired or replaced.

Automatic Slack Adjuster

Automatic Slack Adjuster An Automatic Slack Adjuster (Autoslack) is a component in the braking system on every ROGERS trailer. It provides the connection between the brake camshaft and the air brake chamber. The Automatic Slack Adjuster makes continuous adjustments to ensure consistent braking force as the brake linings and drum wear over time. Like all brake components, the Automatic Slack Adjusters require periodic maintenance to ensure proper function.

Auxiliary Lighting System

Auxiliary Lighting System The Auxiliary Lighting System (also called an Safety Light Package) is a patented device that flashes the trailer lights whenever the electrical power from the tractor becomes disconnected. It is especially useful when loading or unloading the trailer at night, providing safety lighting for the trailer frame when the gooseneck is detached. Power for the unit is provided by a 12-volt battery which is stored in the deck of the trailer and receives a trickle-charge from the main electrical system when not in use.

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