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I-Beam Deck

I-Beam Deck The ROGERS I-Beam Deck is a deck constructed of two main beams and several inside cross beams. It is designed for a machine's undercarriage to rest or be blocked on the main beams. For many large machines, this loading method minimizes the overall height of the loaded machine. I-Beam Decks are available on all Ultima and CobraNeck Series detachable gooseneck trailers but are most commonly used with Modular Series trailers so that other deck styles may also be used with the trailer.

Integral Hatbox

Integral Hatbox The Integral Hatbox is a design on most ROGERS lowbed trailers 50-ton capacity and higher, where the gooseneck beam is deepened by 3 inches. When attached to the fifth wheel, the Integral Hatbox provides more clearance for the tractor's fenders.

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