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Deck Plate

Deck Plate Deck plate is the loading surface on most drop side deck trailers. It is usually made from 1/4" or 3/8" steel tread plate and takes the place of wood decking to achieve the lowest deck height possible.

Depressed Cover Plate

Depressed Cover Plate A Depressed Cover Plate is a formed plate in the rear frame that is either welded or bolted to the lowered cross members in the "boom trough" or the "bucket pocket". The Depressed Cover Plate provides road spray protection and added storage.

Detachable Rear Frame

Detachable Rear Frame A Detachable Rear Frame is a key feature to ROGERS Modular Series trailers which allows decks of different styles (platform, drop sides, or I-beam) and/or sizes to be interchanged with the same gooseneck and rear frame. ROGERS has two types of Detachable Rear Frames: The traditional Hook & Shaft style and our new Pin & Paddle style. Both types feature easy connection and can be easily shimmed to adjust deck height when needed. The new Pin & Paddle style is also capable of accepting a Deck Extension in order to add to the trailer's deck length.

Disc Wheel

Disc Wheel The Disc Wheel is a style of wheel, steel or aluminum, for mounting tubeless tires. Disc Wheels are available with 8 holes for 17.5 tires, or 10 holes for 22.5 tires; and are hub-piloted, that is, the axle hub is used to align the holes.

Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers Dock Bumpers are an accessory for the rear for the trailer to protect the rear channel and lights from damage when backing up, for example, to a loading dock.

Dolly Link

Dolly Link The ROGERS Dolly Link is a special type of Gooseneck Extender that allows a properly designed trailer to be used with a ROGERS Helper Dolly.


Drawbar On a Tag-Along, the Drawbar is the extension of the trailer's main beams to join at a triangular point in front of the deck. The adjustable pintle eye is attached to the front and connects to the towing vehicle.

Drop Side Deck

Drop Side Deck The Drop Side Deck, sometimes called a "raised center deck," is constructed with shallower cross beams set to the lower flange of the main beams to provide the lowest deck height possible. Machines loaded onto a Drop Side Deck must be able to straddle the main beams in the center of the deck. A typical Drop Side Deck has 6" to 8" lower deck height than a similar Platform Deck. Deck plate is used as the loading surface on this style trailer. Wood can be used in place of deck plate, but this will increase the deck height.

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