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Fifth Wheel Height

Fifth Wheel Height The Fifth Wheel Height is the distance from the ground to the bottom of gooseneck at the fifth wheel plate. This height is designed to match the tractor's Fifth Wheel Height. When the Fifth Wheel Height is not the same as the tractor, the lowbed trailer will not ride level and the weight may not be properly distributed across the axles.

Flag Holders

Flag Holders Flag Holders are a steel tube sized to hold safety flags could be added to the front or rear corners of the trailer deck.

Flip Axle

Flip Axle The Flip Axle is a complete axle assembly frame attached to the rear frame by hinge plates and pins. The Flip Axle is used when the trailer's axle loading exceeds the gross weight that a given state will allow on each axle. Otherwise, the Flip Axle can be flipped up onto the rear frame, or removed, to reduce the number of axles. All ROGERS removable axles are on air ride suspensions. The Flip Axle connects to the trailer's leveling valve if the flip axle is to be used with an air ride trailer; or comes with a hand control valve if the flip axle is used on a trailer with a mechanical suspension.

Flush Hinges

Flush Hinges Flush Hinges describes the option where the top hinges for a removable axle assembly are mounted below the top surface of the rear frame of the trailer and removable axle. Ordinarily the hinge plates are welded to the top of the trailer rear frame and removable axle frame.

Front Folding Ramps

Front Folding Ramps Front Folding Ramps are used to facilitate loading a wide variety of equipment on to the deck of ROGERS detachable gooseneck trailers. Front Folding Ramps are available in a variety of styles and are attached to the front slope on each side of the Croucher® platform deck.

Full-Width Gooseneck

Full-Width Gooseneck The Full-Width Gooseneck is a small platform deck constructed to the top of a ROGERS Ultima Series detachable gooseneck. This option provides additional storage area on top of the trailer's gooseneck.

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