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Gentle Riser

Gentle Riser The exclusive ROGERS Gentle Riser is a deck style that features a gradual incline from the trailer's platform deck to the rear frame. The incline angle from the deck to rear frame on the Gentle Riser is 16° to 20°, as compared with other platform deck trailers that have an incline of over 30°. This is especially useful for paving contractors, allowing the hauling of multiple machines at a time. the Gentle Riser is available for both Ultima (35 to 65 tons capacity) and CobraNeck (50 to 65 tons capacity) Series detachable gooseneck trailers.

Gooseneck Extender

Gooseneck Extender A Gooseneck Extender (sometimes called a "Flip Box") is an accessory that is used to add length to the swing clearance of a gooseneck. The most common use for a gooseneck extender is to allow a trailer to connect to a jeep dolly, but one can also be used to add swing clearance to a gooseneck for use with a tractor with a longer frame. When not is use, the Gooseneck Extender can be flipped over onto the top of the gooseneck or removed completely.

Gooseneck Fenders

Gooseneck Fenders Non-load bearing Gooseneck Fenders provide road spray suppression from the tractor. The Gooseneck Fenders come complete with clearance lights in the front corners and ROGERS logo mud flaps. The bolt-on design permits field installation.

Grouser Bars

Grouser Bars Grouser Bars are square steel bars welded to steel covered loading surfaces to provide traction for machinery being loaded or onloaded. Grouser Bars are sometimes called traction bars and provide enhanced traction, especially for tracked machinery.


Gussets Vertical Gussets in the deck's front end slope stiffen the top flange for greater strength in the approach area to loading.

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