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Helper Dolly

Helper Dolly The ROGERS Helper Dolly is a short trailer built complete with a kingpin, fifth wheel, and suspension system. It is designed to act as an intermediate unit to divide the kingpin load of the trailer and the tractor. The Helper Dolly is very similar to a Jeep Dolly, but it does not usually have the length required to meet bridge formula requirements. Properly configured, the Helper Dolly will carry approximately 45% of the trailer's kingpin load while transferring the remaining weight to the tractor. In order to utilize a Helper Dolly, the trailer must be designed and equipped with a Dolly Link.


Hubodometer A Hubodometer is an optional accessory that measures the number of miles traveled by the trailer. It is mounted to a roadside wheel using the same mounting bolts as the hubcap of that wheel. It is important to use the correct model Hubodometer for the given tire size on the trailer or incorrect mileage will be shown.

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck A Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck is a gooseneck that disconnects from the front of the trailer frame and remains attached to the tractor. Equipment can then be loaded safely and easily over the trailer deck's front end. Hydraulic cylinders are used to facilitate the detaching process.

Hydraulic Gooseneck Jack

Hydraulic Gooseneck Jack The Hydraulic Gooseneck Jack (Hydraulic Gooseneck Support) is a device that uses a hydraulic jack to press onto the tractor frame to lift the detached gooseneck off the ground so the tractor and gooseneck can be moved away from the front of the trailer deck to load/unload machinery. The Hydraulic Gooseneck Jack is standard equipment on all ROGERS Ultima and CobraNeck Series detachable gooseneck trailers.

Hydraulic Rear Ramps

Hydraulic Rear Ramps An alternative to Manual Rear Ramps (E-Z Flip Ramps), the ROGERS Hydraulic Rear Ramps use hydraulic cylinders to raise or lower the ramps into place for loading. Hydraulic power for the system can be supplied by the tractor's PTO, gas engine pony motor, or by electric/hydraulic power unit. Hydraulic Rear Ramps can be used on any trailer having a Beavertail, including detachable gooseneck, fixed gooseneck, and Tag-Along models. These ramps are available in a variety of widths/lengths and can be wood-covered or ladder-style.

Hydraulic Trap Doors

Hydraulic Trap Doors Hydraulic Trap Doors is an option available on all ROGERS Ultima Series detachable goosenecks. The standard trap door lever is replaced with a small hydraulic cylinder that moves the trap doors in and out of position when detaching the gooseneck from the trailer deck.

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Winch A Hydraulic Winch is an accessory which can be used to pull disabled machines onto the trailer. The winch can be mounted either on the trailer's gooseneck or rear frame and requires a source of hydraulic power to operate (tractor PTO or pony motor).

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