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Bar Grating

Bar Grating Installed underneath the cross members in the center of the deck, the Bar Grating creates a self-cleaning area to hold chains, binders and blocks.

Beam Hook

Beam Hook A Beam Hook is a component welded to the front end of each of the main beams of a ROGERS detachable gooseneck trailer deck. The shape and thickness of a trailer's Beam Hooks depends on the style of detachable gooseneck (Ultima NoFoot or CobraNeck) and the capacity of the trailer. The Beam Hooks mate to the gooseneck, either to a Cheek Plate Hook or to a shaft, to form the main connection securing the gooseneck to the trailer deck.


Beavertail The Beavertail (sometimes called a Dove Tail) is a sloped extension on the rear frame of a trailer to allow equipment to be loaded over the rear of the trailer - with or without the use of rear ramps. Most all ROGERS fixed gooseneck and tag-along trailers include a Beavertail. A Beavertail is also available as an option on certain ROGERS detachable gooseneck models and is used for loading when it is not convenient to detach the gooseneck for the front loading of equipment.

Bent Lashing D

Bent Lashing D Bent Lashing D's are structurally similar to standard Lashing D's except the bottom half of the D is forged at a 55° angle so that securing chains do not pinch against the side beam flanges of the trailer. The working load limit (WLL) of the 1" diameter Lashing D (properly mounted) is 15,000 lbs.

Boom Trough

Boom Trough The Boom Trough is an area between the rear frame beams where the frame is modified so that a "trough" is created. The open space in the Boom Trough can hold the boom or stick of an excavator helping to reduce the overall height of the loaded machine. The carrying capacity of the trunnion outriggers is reduced in this application.

Booster Axle Assembly

Booster Axle Assembly

The Booster Axle Assembly is a removable framework coupled to removable axle(s). The Booster Axle Assembly may use mechanical air or hydraulics to provide load transfer. The Booster Axle Assembly increases the wheel base of the trailer when attached to the rear frame. The Booster Axle Assembly is used in heavy hauling situations where stringent "overweight" regulations and specific axle loads are critical.

Bridge Ramps

Bridge Ramps Bridge Ramps are added to the rear of the trailer deck to assist in loading certain types of machinery onto the rear frame area of the trailer. Designed with an incline of approximately 30°, the bridge ramps are fabricated from tread plate and reinforced for durability. Bridge Ramps are standard equipment on most detachable gooseneck trailers with platform decks and are optional equipment on many drop side deck models.

Bucket Pocket

Bucket Pocket In the rear trailer deck, the last three or four cross members are "notched" lower than the main beams. This "Bucket Pocket" can hold the tucked under bucket of an excavator to provide extra overhead clearance.

Bumper Stop

Bumper Stop The Bumper Stop is welded to the rear channel and serves as a guide to the rear edge for loading equipment. Only available for ''Gentle Riser'' and ''Sloper'' deck styles.

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