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Spring Brakes

Spring Brakes Spring Brakes, also called Maxi Brakes, have two chambers - one that acts the same as a standard brake chamber, and a second chamber that contains a very powerful mechanical spring that acts as a fail-safe should the air brake system lost air pressure. The Spring Brake also serves as a mechanical parking brake to prevent a trailer from rolling when parked on inclined surfaces.

Spring Suspension

Spring Suspension is a choice for many 2 and 3-axle trailers. Spring Suspensions are available in two, four- and six-spring designs. The axle spacing is set at 50".

Substation Trailer

Substation Trailer A trailer specifically designed to permanently carry an electric substation (transformer) unit. Additional features such as hydraulic landing legs and electrical grounding components are often incorporated into this type of trailer.

Swing Clearance

Swing Clearance The gooseneck Swing Clearance is measurement taken from the center line of the trailer king pin back to the vertical surface of the gooseneck frame. The Swing Clearance of a gooseneck must be long enough to prevent contact between the tractor and the gooseneck frame throughout the steering range of motion of the tractor. Standard Swing Clearance on ROGERS trailers range from 80" to 110" depending on the trailer model, etc.

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