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Mechanical Height Control

Mechanical Height Control The Mechanical Height Control is a device which allows the operator to adjust the ride height of a trailer equipped with air ride suspension +/- 3 inches from normal ride position. It is used to manage overhead or ground clearance situations. The Mechanical Height Control is available in two versions; Standard and Whittle style. The standard style has the control level mounted to the inside of the trailer rear frame and is standard equipment on virtually all ROGERS trailers equipped with air ride suspensions. The Whittle style moves the control lever to the outside of the rear frame to the wheel well area and is available as an optional accessory.

Motor Grader Ramps

Motor Grader Ramps Motor Grader Ramps are an accessory only available on ROGERS fixed gooseneck trailers. These ramps allow rubber-tired machines with high ground clearance (such as motor graders) extra space to load over the gooseneck. The low profile of the ROGERS fixed gooseneck makes access easier.

Notched Cross Members

Notched Cross Members In the rear trailer deck, the last three or four cross members are "notched" lower than the main beams. This Notched Cross Members area can hold the tucked under bucket of an excavator to provide extra overhead clearance.

Out-to-Out Main Beams

Out-to-Out Main Beams Out-to-Out Main Beams is the measurement of the width between the outer edges of the top main beam flanges on the deck of a ROGERS trailer. This dimension is especially important in the design of drop side deck and I-beam deck trailers to ensure that machines to be loaded on the deck are able to straddle the width of the main beams.


Outriggers Outriggers - also called trunnions or trunnion outriggers - are load-bearing platforms welded to the outsides of the rear frame beams between the 1st/2nd and 2nd/3rd axles of many ROGERS trailers. Outriggers provide additional load space for rubber-tired machines that are able to be positioned on to the rear frame of the trailer for transport.

Permanent Load

Permanent Load A Permanent Load trailer is a trailer specifically designed to carry a payload that is permanently attached to the trailer frame. Examples of ROGERS trailers designed for Permanent Load have included transformer trailers, mobile mixing plants, industrial boilers, and large portable electrical generation plants

Pin Type Landing Legs

Pin Type Landing Legs Pin Type Landing Legs are standard equipment on most ROGERS fixed gooseneck trailer models. They are used to support the front half of the trailer when it is parked disconnected from the tractor. Each leg is positioned independently and locked securely in place with cross pins. The static vertical capacity of each leg is 30,000 lbs.

Rail Track

Rail Track The Rail Track is a specialized deck that has rails installed to the top of the trailer frame for transporting railroad reconditioning machines and other railroad-related equipment.

Ramp Ahead of Tires

Ramp Ahead of Tires Ramp Ahead of Tires (also known as Bridge Ramps) are added to the rear of the trailer deck to assist in loading certain types of machinery onto the rear frame area of the trailer. Designed with an incline of approximately 30°, the bridge ramps are fabricated from tread plate and reinforced for durability. Bridge Ramps are standard equipment on most detachable gooseneck trailers with platform decks and are optional equipment on many drop side deck models.

Ramp Wedge Extensions

Ramp Wedge Extensions Ramp Wedge Extensions are bolted onto the end of standard wood-covered rear loading ramps. The extra 12'' length extension brings the ramp angle down to ground level for even easier loading. These Ramp Wedge Extensions can be installed after the trailer is in service.

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