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Swing Clearance

Swing Clearance The gooseneck Swing Clearance is measurement taken from the center line of the trailer king pin back to the vertical surface of the gooseneck frame. The Swing Clearance of a gooseneck must be long enough to prevent contact between the tractor and the gooseneck frame throughout the steering range of motion of the tractor. Standard Swing Clearance on ROGERS trailers range from 80" to 110" depending on the trailer model, etc.

Tool Box

Tool Box A Tool Box can be added to a ROGERS trailer in a variety of locations - the drawbar on a Tag-Along trailer, in the gooseneck or in the deck of most other ROGERS trailer models. The Tool Box can be steel or wood-covered and lockable with the bottom made from steel plate or bar grating.

Trailing Bogie

Trailing Bogie The Trailing Bogie is a removable framework coupled to removable axle(s). The Trailing Bogie may use mechanical air or hydraulics to provide load transfer. The Trailing Bogie increases the wheel base of the trailer when attached to the rear frame. The Trailing Bogie is used in heavy hauling situations where stringent "overweight" regulations and specific axle loads are critical.

Trap Door Extension Blocks

Trap Door Extension Blocks Standard equipment on all ROGERS Ultima Series goosenecks, the Trap Door Extension Blocks can be used to adjust the fifth wheel height of the gooseneck or the trailer deck height by 2 inches (+ or -) of the normal height.

Trap Doors

Trap Doors Trap Doors are a key component in the ROGERS Ultima Series trailers detachable gooseneck. They are rectangular blocks of steel plate welded to a shaft at the rear of the gooseneck. When the gooseneck is attached to the trailer, the Trap Doors are the "lock" that secures the gooseneck to the deck. When the operator detaches the gooseneck from the deck, the Trap Doors are rotated up and out of the way to allow the gooseneck to be lowered to the ground.


Trunnions Trunnions- also called outriggers or trunnion outriggers - are load-bearing platforms welded to the outsides of the rear frame beams between the 1st/2nd and 2nd/3rd axles of many ROGERS trailers. Outriggers provide additional load space for rubber-tired machines that are able to be positioned on to the rear frame of the trailer for transport.

Two-Position King Pin

Two-Position King Pin A Two-Position King Pin allows the operator to have the choice between two swing clearance lengths on the same gooseneck. This assembly consists of a special length fifth wheel plate, two king pin mounting sleeves, and a drop-in style kingpin.

Two-Speed Landing Gear

Two-Speed Landing Gear Two-Speed Landing Gear offer greater ease of use and capacity than either single-speed or drop leg landing gear. High gear is used to move the leg up or down when not under load at a higher speed with less turns of the crank handle. Low gear offers significantly more lift capacity, but requires more turns of the crank handle to raise or lower the leg. A single Two-Speed Landing Gear is standard equipment on ROGERS Tag-Along Series trailers and has a lift capacity of 25,000 lbs. and a 70,000 lbs. static capacity. A two leg Two-Speed Landing Gear is optional equipment on most ROGERS Fixed Gooseneck Series trailers as well as ROGERS Jeep Dolly and Helper Dolly trailers. On these trailers the pair of legs is joined so that one handle works both legs at the same time and has a lift capacity of 50,000 lbs. and a static capacity of 140,000 lbs.

Wheel Covers

Wheel Covers Wheel Covers installed over the trailer's rear frame provide road spray suppression and additional load space. Wheel Covers are constructed of smooth or tread plate and are reinforced for additional strength. Available in flush mount or raised depending on the design of the trailer, ROGERS wheel covers are also available as welded-on or bolt-on assemblies.

Wheel Wells

Wheel Wells Used on a platform deck, Wheel Wells are sections where the side beams have been notched lower and a thicker plate has been installed beneath. The tires of large-wheeled equipment set in these wells and can be carried at a lower height, while maintaining the versatility of the platform deck.

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