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Rear Channel

Rear Channel The Rear Channel is the structural cross member located at the very rear of the trailer - behind the last axle. It is the mounting location for the rear lights of the trailer - specifically the stop/turn/tail lights, the brake lights, the ID lights, the rear clearance lights, license lamp, and the ABS indicator light. It is also the location for optional back-up lights and strobe lights. The Rear Channel on many ROGERS detachable gooseneck trailer models has the center area notched out to provide additional overhead clearance for excavator booms.

Rear Frame Cut-Out

Rear Frame Cut-Out In a Rear Frame Cut-Out, the rear channel is removed between the splice beams of the rear frame and replaced with an under slung support beam. Cross members in the rear frame of the trailer are positioned as low as possible as well. This provides maximum overhead clearance for equipment, such as an excavator.

Rear Impact Guard

Rear Impact Guard A Rear Impact Guard is a safety device that is required by law to be installed on trailers that meet certain criteria. Most ROGERS trailers do not require a Rear Impact Guard - the main exception being trailers having a level rear extension. The guard is a structure that is attached (welded) to the underside of the rear channel of the trailer. It is designed to help prevent another vehicle from driving under the rear of the trailer in the event of a rear end collision between the vehicle and the trailer.

Recessed Cover Plate

Recessed Cover Plate A Recessed Cover Plate is a formed plate installed (either welded or bolted) to the lowered cross members in the rear frame "boom trough" or the "bucket pocket" at the rear of the deck.

Remote Air Tank Drain

Remote Air Tank Drain The Remote Air Tank Drain takes the place of a traditional air reservoir valve and allows the operator to easily drain the air brake reservoir by simply pulling a cable located on the roadside of the trailer.

Removable Axle

Removable Axle The Removable Axle is a complete axle assembly frame attached to the rear frame by hinge plates and pins. The Removable Axle used when the trailer's axle loading exceeds the gross weight that a given state will allow on each axle. Otherwise, the Removable Axle can be flipped up onto the rear frame, or removed, to reduce the number of axles. All ROGERS Removable Axles are on air ride suspensions. The Removable Axle connects to the trailer's leveling valve if it is to be used with an air ride trailer; or comes with a hand control valve if the Removable Axle is used on a trailer with a mechanical suspension.

Removable Swinging Side Brackets

Removable Swinging Side Brackets Removable Swinging Side Brackets are an accessory that allows the operator to increase the loading width of the trailer by two feet - one foot per side - by placing wood planks on top of the brackets. When not in use the side brackets store securely in place to the side of the trailer, or can be removed entirely for storage. Several styles of Removable Swinging Side Brackets are available, depending on trailer capacity and design.

Safety Light Package

Safety Light Package The Safety Light Package (also called an Auxiliary Lighting System) is a patented device that flashes the trailer lights whenever the electrical power from the tractor becomes disconnected. It is especially useful when loading or unloading the trailer at night, providing safety lighting for the trailer frame when the gooseneck is detached. Power for the unit is provided by a 12-volt battery which is stored in the deck of the trailer and receives a trickle-charge from the main electrical system when not in use.

Security Link

Security Link On ROGERS Ultima Series detachable gooseneck trailers, the Security Link is a safety device that helps prevent the gooseneck from detaching unexpectedly should the trailer frame "bottom out" while in motion. The Security Link also prevents the gooseneck from falling to the ground when the trailer is parked uncoupled from the tractor. The link is located at the front center of the trailer deck and fastens to mating plates on the rear of the gooseneck. Ultima Series trailers may have either one or two Security Links depending on the capacity of the trailer.

Self-Cleaning Beavertail

Self-Cleaning Beavertail A Self-Cleaning (or Ladder-Style) Beavertail is an alternative to the traditional wood or steel covered beavertail. It is constructed using angle iron so that it provides extra traction when loading machinery and allows dirt to fall through so it isn't carried onto the trailer's deck. Self-Cleaning Beavertail is available as an option on all ROGERS trailers having a rear slope (beavertail).

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